Daira is a Hindi Art-Rock band from Mumbai that fuses alternative rock with a Desi sense of humor. Embracing their roots in India’s Hindi heartland, Daira came into existence in late 2014 and within a year, released their debut self-titled album ‘Daira’. The album was touted as the second best release of the year by the Rolling Stone magazine. After taking the album to multiple venues and festivals, Daira came up with their second album titled ‘Vipreet Buddhi’. This was a live improvised album and was first such album to come out by any Indian band. The album was critically acclaimed in India and globally and stood out for its contemporary and protest commentary through vocals.

In 2018, Daira released their 3rd full length album ‘Itni Jurrat?’ which emerged out to be statistically the best release of Daira till date. In the recent years, the band has released singles like ‘Basar’, ‘Mazaar’ and ‘Sab Dhuaan Hai’, and is ready with their next single ‘Bhaari Nasha’, scheduled to release on 30th March 2023

Daira pioneered ‘Awadhi Rock’ into the scene – a unique brand of contemporary rock sounds delivered in Hindi and Urdu. The 5-piece band is most notable for its striking stage persona and an energetic live set. The band has performed at platforms like WWE Sunday Dhamaal,Hornbill Festival, Mighty Rock Union, Mojo Rising, Ragasthan, Indie Earth etc and has headlined at various colleges and clubs across the country.